Diesel Cyclonious

Diesel is a young cyclops with a strong adoration for Earth life. Her ecstatic personality can either make her lovable, or just plain annoying. She is always curious about Earth and is eager to discover more whilst her time on the planet progresses. Diesel is very rusty when it comes to first impressions, and didn’t have any experience making new friends before coming to Earth. She’s originally from the planet Cyclonious, reigning as princess Cyclonious. Her love for her friends is unconditional. May have a crush on Jethro for some reason.


Prometheus Cyclonious

Diesel’s hotheaded older brother. Prometheus tends to give off a very cold exterior at most times, though he actually cares very deeply for those around him, especially his sister. He may look really cool but he’s also a big nerd who reads a lot, and has a bit of an addiction to his electronics and junk food. A bit of a mama’s boy, he’s taking the death of his mother very hard, and may be possessive over Diesel by shielding her from the world because of this. His relationship with his father is mediocre.




Diesel and Prometheus’ caretaker, having took care of them ever since they were lil youngins. Meek, nervous, and a bit of a pushover, but can attempt to be tough when necessary. He generally fears the endless possibilities of what could happen to him if “his kids” were ever put in any kind of danger. Originally from the planet Maetera.






A little girl with an incredible brain. She works as the head inventor of Cyclonious’ futuristic technology. Amki is rather courageous and isn’t afraid to take on a challenge head on. She finds Prometheus adorable and enjoys teasing him whenever the chance is given. No, I don’t know the whereabouts of her parents or if she even has any, she’s just here and she’s fine don’t worry about it.



Rebus Kmarruhz

The prince of the planet Kmarruhz. One of many suitors for Diesel, but the most promising and is very much in the lead. Rebus is very charismatic, good looking, and well kept. He might have a bad habit of being too “handsy” with both Diesel and Prometheus. They both hate him. I do too.


King Ganymede Cyclonious

The vengeful ruler of the planet Cyclonious. A strangely put together creature who is obsessed with avenging his deceased wife, Sigrid, and enforcing his kingdom to abide by a strict monarchy system. He cares about his children’s whereabouts for the sake of using them to perfect his system, but he does not seem to love them. The source of his power is the black crystal atop his head, which makes him capable of telekinesis, freezing someone in their tracks, or vaporizing them away.






more to come