hi yes id like to thank the following people for helping me finish this comic: lady gaga, britney spears, david bowie, and daft punk.

anyway, 90 pages!!! also hello!! i apologize for skipping the previous week. too much going on. i have a super tight schedule generally so i guess that’s bound to happen here and there (but i will try not to let it happen too much!) there’s honestly nothing planned for page 100 besides what’s already going on in this story @_@ it’s a big deal to me on a somewhat personal level which i’ve already summed up why on my twitter a while ago:

THE LAST TWEET WILL ALWAYS BE RELEVANT. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS. after i pass my 100 page milestone i hope to remain hard at work to continue this story until the very end. your support contributes to my confidence and will to go on with it, and i hope you continue to stick around. :”””) (or if not, that’s fine too! thank you for supporting when you did!)