The band Nirvana made a large impact on his life until Kurt Cobain died, giving Jethro nothing to look forward to anymore. Jethro is awkward and emotionally fragile but simply wants acceptance and has a not-so-secret fear of abandonment. Currently, he’s trying to recover from awful memories from his past, his bipolar disorder, and the sleep deprivation he’s dealt with for years because of consistent panic attacks and nightmares. Typically he’s calm and sarcastic on a normal day if not pushed to a certain limit.



A spoiled, careless, and rebellious half-asian girl. She frequently smokes marijuana and cigarettes. Dolly shows little respect for Jethro and his disorder and often tells him to just “get over it”. Deep down, she does care about him and others, even if it may not seem like it. On an unrelated note she’s sexually frustrated and it puts her on edge at times. She’s been the leader of her very own gang called “The Youth Gone Wild” since high school.


more to come